Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, please..... Revised 12/31/2010

This is an attempted reply to the comments regarding this post: First of all to Bill Smith, sorry that my new posts don't quite meet your satisfaction. I feel that I'm allowed to rant about things I am frustrated or angry with, specifically the current, sad of the music business today. Yes, I'm "mid-aged" but I don't think that I'm a "whining sissy". Again, I'm extremely frustrated and angry at current performers getting gobs of unearned money, exposure, ticket and album sales thrown at them when the artists that I feel are better have to load up the car or van, drive several hundred miles to put on a show for a few hundred (or less) dedicated fans (like me) and then drive on to the next show or back home, only to start all over again. If I had talent (a big IF) and the ability to write and sing a song, I probably wouldn't last a year in the music business. Maybe, I am a bit thin-skinned after all. And a Happy New Year to you, ALSO. See, I'm not really such a bad guy after all!

And to our frequent reader and commentator, oldfolkie, thanks for calling our attention to 2 great artists, Shotgun Party and Leela & Ellie Grace. I'm already familiar with Shotgun Party. I have most of their stuff and I like them, a lot. I'll check out the Graces soon as I get a chance. I just "discovered" a group that I also like a lot, Christabel and The Jons. Good stuff! Again, thanks for your input. Always appreciated!

PS - One more rant coming up about some horrible Christmas music I heard over the holidays that just makes me shudder. Stay tuned!

Sorry, gang but I only made it to track 09 from the post below this one. How many times can you haer about "songs I wrote in my bedroom" and high school life and tween crushes and teeny-bop heartbreak and all the boys I dated who treated me badly so I wrote a song about them? Track 08 is some sort of interview of Tay-Tay with Oprah (maybe? I don't know and I don't want to know)

PLEASE, I gotta play some Eilen Jewell or Red Molly now (you know, grown-up and intelligent music)before I become physically ill.

Remember: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” - H. L. Mencken. " A nation of sheep, 'nuff said.


  1. Oh boy, during past years I found great artists on your blog, Pieta Brown or Sarah Borges just to mention two. But it seems that you are utterly frustrated (mid-years?) and reading your blog becomes really really painful. You don't need to listen to TS (and so do I) but stop being such a whining sissy. There will always be music out for all of us... And there are other blogs that handling such industry music promotion issues more mature than you do right now. What is so difficult in just ignoring it and spending your energy on supporting artists instead of repeated rants? Happy new year!

  2. Sit back, have a listen to Leela & Ellie Grace
    and Shotgun Party
    and enjoy the new year.

  3. Personally, I enjoy the rants. Reading this blog, one gets the feeling that there's a real, feeling person behind all this great music. I enjoy coming her and having something to think about and with which to choose to agree or disagree. Rant away!

  4. It's kinda funny, I drive my wife absolutely crazy with my ranting about everything from our local newspaper, to our local government, to our local eating establishments. I've become Old Coot Certified.
    But, I seldom rant about music, although a rap song in the latest issue of Sing Out! may get a rant going yet.

    It always amazes me who and what become the hit of the moment. I still can't figure out Michael Jackson and Madonna. There's so much out there and so much bullshit in the music industry that it's no wonder the real talent never rises to any degree of prestige. I really appreciate blogs such as this that have introduced me to the likes of The Vespers and Eilene Jewell. Save for Dylan, I doubt if 20% of my circle of acquaintances know 20% of the musical groups or individuals I like. They're too obscure and too esoteric for the general music listener. That's OK, I'll just keep pluggin' along, finding new artists to enjoy, and spreading the word about them, while continuing to rant about the newspaper.

    Since you're fond of Shotgun Party, you may enjoy browsing through these shots of them I took at two shows in Madison WI. That may keep you busy 'til their next CD comes out:

  5. You just keep on ranting if you want to. But keep on passing one names like Leela & Ellie Grace.
    Wow! was I happy to find that pair of firecrackers.
    No I guess I have to check out Shotgun Party.
    Keep up teh great work.