Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry belated Christmas!

Taylor Swift March 4, 2010 St Pete Times Forum Tampa, Florida

Since we're between holidays, I thought I'd give you all a special treat. I found this at one of my "secret" sites and I JUST had to share it! I even listened to some of it just to see how bad it really is (for the same reason people watch car accidents and buildings on fire). Seriously, this is the stuff they should play at maximum security prisons, at the highest volume possible, to keep the prisoners in line ("We'll be good, just don't play THAT again"). Well, buckaroos and buckarettes , here it is:
track list
01 intro
02 You Belong With Me
03 Our Song
04 song intro
05 Tell Me Why
06 Teardrops On My Guitar
07 Fearless
08 song intro
09 Forever And Always
10 song intro
11 Hey Stephen
12 song intro
13 Fifteen
14 Tim McGraw
15 White Horse
16 Love Story
17 The Way I Loved You
18 You're Not Sorry/What Goes Around Comes Around
19 Picture To Burn

20 Today Was A Fairytale
21 Should've Said No

And if any of you suffer any adverse effects form this, don't blame me. You stand forewarned!

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  1. It's bad but it is not quite THAT bad and if you were a teenybopper, you might even find it somewhat germane to your existance. As for me , I'll resume my Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Amber Digby and Darrell McCall, thank you