Friday, December 10, 2010

The Good Lovelies 'Lie Down' music video

Here's a comment from "Anonymous" that I received about The Good Lovelies and Red Molly (two of my absolute favorites (tied at #1 1/2) performing together. One of the things I hope to see in this lifetime is to see Red Molly and The Good Lovelies together. I can just imagine what that show would be like. I may have done "Anonymous" one better. I've already seen Red Molly from the front row, and, in about a month, I get to see The Good Lovelies also from the FRONT ROW. Can't wait! Go here for more info:

Anonymous said...
Oh yeah, As I was raving about Red Molly the other day, I forgot to mention this group the Good Lovelies. They played the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival along with RM and shared a lot of the same stages, sometimes together with RM. They are the Canadian version of Red Molly and every bit as good. They had a good time with RM and their rapport was awesome. Well worth listening to live and on their cds. Oh yeah, the 6 part mix of harmonies and instruments were just great when the groups were on stage together.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm glad you liked my previous comments about Red Molly and the Good Lovelies. They were awesome together. I also got to chat with the after their shows and have photos of them performing together. I don't mind sending you a couple if there is some way of doing it.

    I enjoy my visits to your site. The Train Christmas Song was rather....