Monday, December 6, 2010

My number 1 1/2 - Red Molly

I have to squeeze Red Molly in between Eilen Jewell and a bunch of artists tied at number 2. I saw my second Red Molly show a few weeks ago and I got the pleasure of meeting the newest member, Molly Venter ("Molly Molly"). I still miss Carolann Solebello, though (it's only natural). Anyway, here's a few pics and I'll probably make a new Red Molly post tomorrow.

"May I Suggest" the highest point of a night of all high points

Another high moment was their cover of "Fever" (yes, the Peggy Lee "Fever")


  1. I have appreciated many of your suggestions and been turned on to some wonderful artists. Thank you.

    As for Red Molly, I suspect if you see them just one more time, you will move them up to 1st place.
    It's hard to believe they are still so little known.

  2. I saw Red Molly live this summer at the Lunnenberg Folk Harbour Festival in Nova Scotia. Listened to them several times over the four days and had the opportunity to chat with them. Lovely voices, good musicians, fine songwriters and really nice people. Got their latest cd too. Love them.

  3. Oh yeah, As I was raving about Red Molly the other day, I forgot to mention this group the Good Lovelies. They played the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival along with RM and shared a lot of the same stages, sometimes together with RM. They are the Canadian version of Red Molly and every bit as good. They had a good time with RM and their rapport was awesome. Well worth listening to live and on their cds. Oh yeah, the 6 part mix of harmonies and instruments were just great when the groups were on stage together.