Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My #1 - Eilen Jewell (& the Band)

Well we might as well start with my favorite, #1, greatest of all artists, Eilen Jewell and The Eilen Jewell Band. I might as well say, that although EJ is at #1, about half of my music library is tied for #2, and the other half is tied for #3. And that ain't bad.
Check out EJ's website here , buy some CDs, look at some images, listen to some music, send Jason (her/manager/drummer/husband) an email telling him how much you like the music, go to a live show (trust me, well worth the price and effort) and enjoy! Speaking of Jason, I hope I don't get in trouble with him, but, man, I just LOVE her!
Here's a few MP3s from selected albums. This is by no means a complete discography. There's more stuff out there.

MP3 - Don't Come Home A'Drinkin'
MP3 - You Ain't Woman Enough

Boundary County
Back To Dallas

Heartache Boulevard
Blue Highway

Sea Of Tears
Codeine Arms


  1. I'm not sure why dhe have a Eilen Jewell fixation - but at least you are fixated on a singer who is very good (although not great). Her BUTCHER HOLLER album was a treat, although I'm not sold on the rest of her catalogue.

  2. A very charming singer. Her web site has some additional samples.