Monday, November 8, 2010

My new project....

There's a little project I started a few weeks ago, and it's progressing nicely, with a few surprises. I'm starting with the artists I REALLY like and I'm emailing them and asking if I can buy a signed and personalized CD through their website. What better way to support the artists? Here's a list of the signed CDs (or otherwise) that I've received so far:

Carolann Ames:
Signed "So Long Abilene" and "Shades of Indigo" CDs PLUS 2 8 1/2x11 color photos, also signed! I wasn;t expecting the photos. Thanks, Carolann!

Derrick Jensen:
"The Other Side of Darkness" CD plus several books.

Gold Heart: Signed "My Sisters and Me" and "Never Let Go" CDs. These sisters are awesome!

The Honey Dewdrops: Signed "If the Sun Will Shine" and "These Old Roots". Laura and Kagey are really GREAT people. I'm so glad I found them (through eMusic)!

Jubal's Kin: Signed "Jubal's Kin" CD. Great and highly talented young artists.

Lynda Kay: Signed "Dream My Darling" CD. I'm a BIG Lynda Kay fan!

Pat Wictor:
Signed "Living Ever Lovin' Live" and "Waiting for the Water" CDs. I met Pat at a Red Molly show. Really great guy!

Red Molly: Signed "James" and "Love and Other Tragedies" CD. AND Abbie Gardner "Honey on My Grave", Carolann Solebello ""Glass of Desire" and Laurie MacAllister ""The Things I Choose To Do". Everyone knows that I'm a HUGE Red Molly fan. "Nuff said!

Shannon Wurst: Signed "What's More Honest Than a Song" CD. Shannon is REALLY cool!

Stephanie McMillan Several books signed and personalized

The Vespers: Signed "Tell Your Mama" CD. I found these guys at the Woodsongs site, and I really like them. Another young group.

Here's a few that I'm waiting to hear from;
Marian Call
The Wrights
The Secret Sisters

I'm going to email some more in the next few days.

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  1. Great Idea ! ! !

    Now, I just wish artists would bring a Sharpie along when they play the festivals. There's always a huge crowd around the buy booth waiting for autographs and the first thing out of the artist's mouth is "Does anybody have a pen?"

    Of course I suppose I could bring one too.