Monday, April 18, 2011

For your Eilen Jewell fix...

EJ and the boys did a live show at Friday 4/15 at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia hosted by WXPN. A few new songs were performed ( Bang, Bang, Bang is already on my favorite list)and a few previously recorded songs. The new CD, "Queen Of The Minor Key" will be released June 28, but, if need your Eilen Jewell fix, like me, listen to this
I gotta wait until June 28 for the CD ?!?! This torture, folks!


  1. Hi DB,
    Just found your blog and enjoyed your musings and amusings. I'm a radio presenter from Australia and play many of the people you like in my weekly roots country programme(no Nash pop, no country rock, no soppy ballads). You have some here that I haven't heard. Will check 'em out them. Eilen Jewell is already a fave! You may like to have a listen to Zoe Muth. Her first release was wonderful and now there's a second which I haven't heard yet.

    All the best - Carrie

  2. Zoe Muth is indeed worth a listen. Have just received her second album and it is definitely worth a listen - really, really impressive.