Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good Lovelies On Stage

A little awhile ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a Good Lovelies show and of meeting the ladies after the show. I was absolutely blown away by the performance! And the ladies were just as friendly, nice and cute as I knew they would be. There just aren't enough superlatives to describe the show. When I think of it (which is often) I can't help grinning from ear to ear. One of the coolest moments came when, during "I Want" (one of my favorites of theirs), Caroline came to the whistling part. She started to whistle but started laughing and couldn't finish. Thats the way the whole show pretty much went. We did sing-a-longs, I took some great photos, and, did I mention that I was in the FRONT ROW! Actually, I was closer than the front row, I was almost on the stage! I could say a lot more, but I guess you get the picture. So, if The Good Lovelies come to a location within 100 or so miles, GO and see them (you'll thank me later). It's definitely a great, fun time! Great stuff! Here's some pics:

Sue Passmore

Kerri Ough

Caroline Brooks

Kerri & Sue

Kerri & Caroline

And, here's their website:


  1. Try This link to two of my photos of Red Molly and he Good Lovelies from this past summer in Lunenberg, Novia Scotia.

  2. Hi Deacon Blues,

    There are the two photos, one of Red Molly and The Good Lovelies on stage together in Lunenberg. Please download them and crop. One needs to be rotated. For some reason it went off kilter when I posted it. It is Red Molly playing on the wharf stage of the Festival and where I had a chance to chat with them after the show.

    I actually have an audio recording I made of the two groups on the same stage giving a harmony work shop. It's a field recording but not bad; done digitally. I'll make that available to you as well if you'd like. Just let me know. I'll check comments for your reply.

    I'll leave the link up for a while. I have tested it. You can download the photos which are quite large.

  3. Reg, I would love the audio recording, regardless of the quality! Thanks!!