Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Good Lovelies - continued

Here's another comment from reg, re: our new friends, The Good Lovelies:

"Reg said...


I'm glad you liked my previous comments about Red Molly and the Good Lovelies. They were awesome together. I also got to chat with the after their shows and have photos of them performing together. I don't mind sending you a couple if there is some way of doing it."

To Reg:
I would love to see your photos, but I'm not sure how to send them me. I recently saw The Good Lovelies in person from the FRONT row, and I loved them! I got a chance to meet them after the show for some signed CD's and a brief chat (and photos) They are just as much fun and nice off stage as they are on stage. It was a great show and I'll post some photos soon, I promise! But, Reg, you're still ahead of me by seeing The Good Lovelies and Red Molly together!


  1. Using Sendspace for the photos could be an option if a link to a photo site (such as my Flickr acct) isn't feasible.
    Send the files to Sendspace and then post the retrieval link to the comment section.

    By the way,,,,,
    Another overlooked artist: Michael Perry and The Longbeds

    Michael's a critically acclaimed author from Northern Wisconsin and gets together with a group for musical performances when he's not working the farm or doing book readings. I like to call his stuff "Country Music for folks who walk upright". A nice guy, a great songwriter, and although he'll never be famous, he'll always be an outstanding talent.


    and, of course, my pictures:

  2. It seems Jenny Parrott of Shotgun Party's got a new side endeavor called Loves It, a folk-pop duo: